Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last week we had an odor of burning electronics in the RV. It went away after we looked and checked everything, figured it was just the new table fan we put in the bedroom. Then while Ed was home taking a nap we lost all shore power. We had 4 different electricians(friends) come over and tried to help out. But everything checked out up to the breaker box, then the wiggy went all over the board. So it's something in the coach itself (shore power was fine, pigtail was fine, no breakers tripped , no fuses blown?????? We had to take it in to LazyDays on Sunday & we are waiting to hear from the tech's just what it was. Warranty will cover it. They said they would check everything to make sure we didn't burn up any appliances. So we are staying at our sons house until we can pick it up whenever. Ed went back to work today.THANK GOD!!!
He said he kinda liked not knowing what day it was and fishing when he wanted and his afternoon nap. Reality set in about lunchtime today that he still has to work! The hospital bill, and surgeons bill came in.
OMG he's the $100,000.00 man now! We have some more decisions to make come Saturday about our investments and where we go to next. Hopefully we can come home to our RV by then.


  1. Oh no!!! Glad it's under warranty but it's sure not fun to deal with!!

  2. Eeew...scary! Glad all of that is still under warranty.