Friday, March 4, 2011

Ed and Cabin Fever!!

O.K. I hope the doctor releases Ed to go back to some activities soon! He's got cabin fever, he keeps fussin about stayin home all day long. BUT GET THIS! He has taken off runnin the streets a few times, and gone fishing with his buddies every other day. And yes he has caught quite a few bass. But he really wants to let loose and go do some flats fishing, maybe some flippin, maybe even get some of the projects we have waiting to do. The to do list has grown. Build a deck for the Gazebo. Build a lean to for the Riding mower. Build a cover over the well. Get the RV washed & waxed. Condition the roof. Put a new water line inground. Change the water filter & the annode rod. And put up the 15 panels of privacy fence we got. Of course that is with the help of our son & a few friends! Whew!! We got a busy spring & summer ahead. I almost forgot we are going to San Fransisco on May 13th! To visit with our baby girl & granddaughter. Does anyone know a good motel around Yosemite National Park that we can stay in for a night or two??? We plan to take a few days to check out Yosemite.

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