Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well Ed is recuperating nicely, but bored to tears. He goes for a follow up with the surgeon on March 8th. He did sneek in a little fishing with our brother-in-law. Managed to catch a few bass. I've been busy at work with a lot of meetings at city hall. They are working on a new computer software system, and want my input for some of the purchasing procedures. We are getting our taxes done friday(wish us luck). I'm getting the wood to build a small deck for the gazebo I have in the basement. It will be nice to sit outside in a screened gazebo on a cool evening. I'll post pictures when it gets underway. I'm also getting Ed to make me some drawers to put under the island in the kitchen. That will make it easier to reach the pots & casserole dishes in the back. Also looking for someone to wash & wax the RV! It needs it badly! Need to condition the roof also. My son is helping us run a new underground water line to a more convieniant place near the RV. Lots to do! Just need the time & energy. Bought our tickets for San Fransisco today! Mama's coming baby girl get ready for Poppa too! Well got to go get paper work together for the taxes. See Ya'll later!!

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