Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ed & I attended a class on his pension plan on Wednesday. Boy that was a lot of info! But we got answers to questions concerning his approaching retirement. And learned a few new things that we had no clue on. There sure were a lot of people there, it started at 9:30 and ended at 3pm! We seem to be pretty well on track, found some online tools that will help with estimates. Talked a little with the lady from FRS. Had lunch while in downtown Lakeland with some old friends at Crispers. Good food & good conversation! Looking foward to the lunch in Lakeland with some fellow bloggers & full-timers. Had to help our son when we got home. He had a back-up on his septic. Got that fixed in a couple of hours. Played with the grandson for an hour or so and then had dinner and hit the hay! Boy wasn't that a hairy storm on Tuesday!!!! The alert radio was beeping out tornado warnings every 10-20 minutes!! Most were south of us around SR60., but we got some heavy rain and a lot of wind. By 10 pm all had calmed down to a light drizzle. Going to be around 40 tonight (Brrrrrrrrrr). One tank is empty just switched over to the other tonight. Will make a propane run to little Mexico tomorrow for a refill.(Bomber Range road in Wahneta, La Plaza Mexico, 40lb tank refill is $20!!) Amerigas in Plant City no longers fills tanks at the dock, lost thier dock worker to lay-offs. Other places around here charge $50 for a 40lb. Going to be a nice weekend , might putter around outside a little.