Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still Homeless!

Well they found out what the burnt smell was! The transfer switch for the generator melted to an unrecognizable mess. Lucky it didn't burn down the coach!! The extended warranty wil cover it. It did take out the microwave & Water heater element. So that's covered too! I had a little bit of water showing up around my washer, that turned out to be a cracked drain pipe(also covered). My kitchen window came off the little crank tracks and they wanted 220.00 to fix it. NO WAY! I can do it myself. Some of the things they suggested we get done are re-seal the roof. Which we were planning on doing in April after we scrub her down. Has anyone re-sealed (caulked) their rubber roof? What type of caulk , clear silicone? What should I use to clean around the vents & a/c units? Any suggestions or tips are welcome.

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