Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We had a whirlwind time with our daughter & grand-daughter. We arrived at noon and went straight over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausilito for lunch at a quaint italian resteraunt on the bay. Then stopped at the North end of the bridge at the overlook. What a great view of the bay & Alcatraz Island. Next day was a little rainy, but it stopped around 10:00am. So we took the granddaughter to a local park to play for awhile.Next was a trip to Muir Woods. Fabulous park!! Giant redwoods & sequoias, beautiful lake at end of trail. About 3 miles round trip. Then down to Ocean Beach to play in the tidepools. Next day: Dollar races at the horse track. $1entry $1beer $1 hot dogs $1sodas & $1bets!! Live band & horse racing! Spent 28$ and won 12$. Had a blast! Dancing, Betting, drinking!! Monday headed to Yosemite! Had to stop at Goodwill to purchase heavy coats because it was 30 up in mountains and had to borrow snow chains for the park or you couldn't enter. Stopped at 6000 feet to play in snow! was about 1' deep and coming down heavy. Made a snowman & had a snowball fight in the middle of a beautiful snow covered pristine meadow, not a sound except the snow plopping down from the tree branches!LOVELY! Got down to the valley floor and was back to around 57 degrees. hiked to the lower falls(1 mile round trip) went to the lodge, and checked out a couple more waterfalls. Around 3 pm left the valley for Oakhurst for a nights rest at the casino hotel.Very nice also!. Next morning went back into Yosemite, even more snow coming down! Got back to the valley and it was t-shirts & jean weather!More hiking, more waterfalls, deer, chipmunks, and even saw a brown bear! Now you know our knees are aching!!! Left Yosemite back into the snow & headed to my daughters apartment. Weds. Up and take the subway into downtown, grab a trolley and hit Fishermans Wharf first. Saw the sea lions at pier 39. Got on a double decker bus for a loop around city. Got off at Union Square and had lunch at the top of Macy's at the Cheescake Factory. Great viewpoint. Then back on the bus to Telegraph Hill. Forget it daughter our knees can only make it up one block!!!! Back on the bus to see ChinaTown, Most curvy road, city hall, Coit Tower, The painted ladies(victorian houses) & back to the docks. Then Home to die on the couch! Thurs. went to San Fransisco Zoo for the day. Friday went to Napa Valley, stopped at the castle for a wine tour, and then a few more winery's.Whew getting wore down. Saturday went to Tilmekin Park in Oakland, more hiking a picnic lunch & petting zoo, and carousel. Then dinner at our daughters Mother-in-laws.Sunday: off to 8-mile long Golden Gate Park. Walked through parks gardens and sat in the amphithearter for a band that was playing. Up the observation tower for a view of the city & bay. Back downstairs to an art gallery then back through the park. My legs are screaming at me to SIT DOWN!! Stopped to join in the Lindy in the park dance. Then back home again. Monday helped daughter pack up apartment. Tues. waited for the furniture guys to pick up rental furniture, turn in keys &  got some homemade ice cream at Fentons. Before we headed to a motel not far from Airport. Wed. morning kissed grand-baby & daughter goodbye they were driving back to Washington. We caught a shuttle to airport and headed home! I'm to tired to go on more latyer.

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