Sunday, May 8, 2011


Got the Gazebo completed and the Lean-to also done! Weather is getting hotter fast.!! Got a lot going on at work for both of us. The new govener Rick Scott has messed with our pension plan. Now Ed has to pay in 3% of his salary to his pension.No problem with that at least we can afford it.But he also looses the 3% cost of living increase during our retirement years. And the drop program will no longer yield 6% but what ever is the current variable rate. (Also his insurance went up 5% and mine went up 3-1/2%) and no raise this year AGAIN.And when we retire as of right now no increases for cost of living, and insurance is adjusted by $400.00 per month.So basically Ed's pay will be about 5-6% less this year. And they are talking about averaging over the employee's history for the pension pay-out.I guess we keep rolling with the punches, but our plans have not changed yet we still will retire in 3 years!!! We paid off the boat last monday! WHOO-HOO!!:) Now to put the old boat payment into the 457b plan. We moved some money to a fixed income plan, and that will also contribute to our 457b. Getting ready to go to San Fransisco on friday to see our Baby-girl(Dannielle) and our grand-daughter(Malia).Matt (Son-in law) is back in Washington to open the Surf Shop for the season. Dannielle has a full itenarary for us. Yosemite, Muir Beach, downtown San Fran., Napa valley. WHEW! Were gonna need a vacation from our vacation!

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