Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well we had a little get together on our property for New Years Eve. A bonfire & lots of bar-b-que!
Had a good time, just can't stay up that long anymore. Spent most of Saturday cleaning up & napping. Today a little cloudy and drizzle now & then. Found out one of the bloggers is about 3 miles away.Donna & Stu(2 taking a 5th). Hope we can meet them! Got to go back to work tommorrow, Yuk!!! Took down some of the X-mas decorations, just got some lights out side to get some time this week. Got to go finish laundry, and make dinner. Happy New Year again to all my fellow bloggers:)!

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  1. Karen, we're moving northerly tomorrow. Sigh...up to Clermont.

    But I hope to have a lunch for all the RVers we know in this area, maybe just before or after the Tampa RV show. I'll let you will be in our blog, too!