Saturday, January 8, 2011


Took another step this week towards our retirement. I made arrangements to put more towards the principal of the truck, so it will be paid off 1-1/2 years sooner. Have a meeting with our investment service this month. And we are attending some classes on Ed's pension plan on the 26th. Slowly but surely whittilin away at the debt. Should only have the RV payment left when we hit our projected date of retirement. Got to get a handle on the Grocery budget though! I saved about 25.00 in coupons this week, total was still 71.00 after coupons(96.00 before coupons).Of course with us still working, we tend to get "quick foods". Not getting home until 6pm makes it hard to cook a meal. Have started back to the gym and eating smaller portions. We'll see tomorrow if we did a decent job on our points(WW). Plan on going to the RV Supershow in Tampa Saturday. Just to see whats new and get some ideas.

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