Sunday, December 19, 2010


We have settled in our new location, nice to be close to the grandson. These economic times tend to change some plans or postpone them somewhat. In order to help out our son and his family we help, that's what parents do right! Our nest egg took some hits during the downturn but is slowing recovering, being with our son also has its upside for us. We no longer pay rent, but still have utilities to pay. But through all this we are still managing to save. We had an episode during the summer where our filter came off the basement wall and flooded the basement compartments(including all the underbelly fiberglass). Luckily it was covered under warranty and LazyDays came out and did all the repairs. All though it did take a while because we had to wait for the rain to let up so they could replace all the fiberglass insulation.Thank goodness I had all our stuff organized in plastic tubs. That made it easy to empty out and kept it from getting wet.That is one of my greatest assests in a RV. I'm the queen of cram as my husband calls me. My job requires lots of organazation, so when it comes to organizing I'm at my best. We have managed to pay off a few more bills this year. On to paying off the truck next! We will be talking to our financial advisor as to how our investments are doing this year. Anything to get closer to retirement. We did replace the recliners with new Lazy-Boys (much more comfortable).

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  1. It is always great to be with family this time of year. Even better if you can help out!