Monday, February 7, 2011


Had a great lunch with everyone on the 31st.! Really enjoyed meeting so many bloggers/aka full timers. Ed got sick as a dog just before the lunch. He has surgery on Wed. the 9th. That is if the doctor clears him. we'll fine out this afternoon. He isn't quite over this upper resp. infection. If he does have his scheduled surgery then i'll be busy through the weekend. Depends on how he recovers. Tomorrow is my grandaughters 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday Malia!!! I' will be so glad to see her in May when we fly out to San Fran.  You see my daughter is a travel nurse (RNC). They are in San Fran until the end of May.She invited us to check out California while she had a few weeks before she has to return to Washington. They own a Surf Shop (Steepwater Surf) in Westport, Wa. If anyone is ever out towards Aberdeen go by and check it out, it is a quite little town on the Pacific beaches. Lots of campgrounds too! Great salmon fishing!

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  1. Hope all is ok with ED... We'll be thinking of him and wishing him well!
    Travel safe