Saturday, December 18, 2010

BACKROUND 12/2005- 4/2006

We have been discussing our retirement plans. We want to go full time in an RV across the country. We have researched RV's and have decided for our lifestyle we would prefer a fifth wheel. After going to countless RV dealerships and shows we have a good bead on the layout we would like to try. On the advice of another full-timer we decided to buy used until we get into what our actual needs will be on the road. My husband came home one night and said "Why don't we sell the house now and start living in the RV to save more and retire earlier?" After some discussion,(we had to consider our 22 year old son still living at home). Well our son got an apartment, and we put the house up for sale by owner first of January 2006. We started downsizing, giving our son the furniture he needed and some household goods. I started having some yard sales to get rid of the misc. stuff!  At one of the yard sales I had a women interested in the house, she brought back her husband and after some negotiating the house was sold. We now had a closing in early April, so we had to move on buying an RV, and finding a local campground for year round set-up. Luckily a saleswomen we had talked to called in late February with a trade-in that we might be interested in. It turned out to be a 2003 Presidential 4-slide 37' pretty well decked out. When we saw it that afternoon the previous owners were still moving from  this one to their new one. So we got a good walk through, and loved it. We got a great deal and added a few small upgrades and extended warranty. The dealer let us store it on site until we got down towards the closing. After many yard sales and furniture sales we were down to our belongings and household stuff we needed, but also the sentimental THINGS, what to do with this? The Presidential did not have a large basement like the newer models. Luckily we found an RV resort that takes yearly set-ups, with an extra large pad and we were allowed a 6X10 shed. The proceeds from the yard sales paid for the shed and outdoor furniture, etc. that would be more condusive to RV living. So on April 14th 2006 we moved into our RV and settled in at the RV resort (The Good Life RV Resort, Bartow,Fl).

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